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A Little More About us

In 1991 Corrosion and High Temp was formed as a Metal Distributor and manufacturer specializing in Corrosion and Heat Resistant alloys for the Aerospace, Defense,  and Chemical industries. We Have manufactured a wide variety of parts for many different industries.  These parts range from Speciality Marine Hydrailic Cylinders to components in the Fuzes of many  ordinances such as the Bunker Buster bombs used in the Gulf War as well as  The Jasmine Cruise Missles. 


In 2015,   Wildside Armory was formed to manufacture a better Choke tube than was presently on the market.  After many hours of engineering and  testing, we have developed Chokes that shoot more consistant with tighter patterns as well as having a much shorter shot stream which equals much more energy at impact.


All of our products are manufactured using the most advanced Mazak CNC equipment.  We have had a 26 year relationship with Mazak having purchased more than 30 CNC machines, all of which were manufactured in Kentucky.   As we continue to manufacture chokes we are constantly trying to engineer a better product for our customers. 

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